Lei Zhang
Director, ML Compiler and Runtime nod.ai
AI Compilers & Runtime. Currently: IREE, MLIR, Vulkan compute. Previously: SPIR-V toolchain, Vulkan graphics.

About This Website

Hello, thanks for your interest in my website. 😊 I try to log down my learnings and thoughts about compilers (MLIR, SPIR-V, LLVM, etc.), GPU (Vulkan, Metal, etc.), toolchain (ML frameworks, etc.), and others sporadically.

About Me

I’m Lei Zhang. I work on ML compilers and runtime within nod.ai. Together with many other talented colleagues and open source contributors, we are building IREE to be an awesome ML compiler and runtime solution to provide a smooth deployment story to meet the needs of from datacenter to edge.

Previously, I was fortunate to get to know many great Googlers and work on many great projects in Google, for SPIR-V toolchain (SPIRV-Tools, Glslang, Shaderc, DirectXShaderCompiler, rspirv, shaderc-rs), Vulkan ecosystem projects (VK-GL-CTS, GAPID, µVkCompute, hardware-perfcounter), ML toolchain (TensorFlow, TFLite, MLIR, IREE). You can find a summary here.